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PussySoGood Lyrics

$ILKMONEY – PussySoGood Lyrics

[Intro: Hollywood Shuffle]
Winky Dinky Dog. Winky Dinky Dog. Yeah, woo! Mm, mm, mm. Yeah I like that. I got a new one, Bobby. Winky Dinky Ho Cake. Ho cake? Ho cake! Ho's got to eat too, right? Right, right. Right, ho's gotta eat. I'd hate to lose you, Bobby. Big things comin' up, talk to him man, Winky Dinky Ho Cake

Pussy so good, I'ma tell my mama
I don't need no commas, my intention was to get it
And flick it enough to kick it like Ronda
Not deal with none of your problems, uh
I don't want no scrub, shrinkin' about your bitches with a capital dub
Readin' Lemony Snicket in the back of the club
Cabbage Patch to Rascal Flatts then raffle my nuts, uh
I know, I know, you hate that nigga
I'm motherfuckin' James Brown, big payback nigga
Motherfuckers get cut up, K.Slade that nigga
Give a nigga a buck fifty, Beyblade that nigga, uh
I feel like Nat Turner, if you got what I need, then I'ma cat burglar
Kyla Pratt suckin' dick behind a Fat Burger
Stupid bitch ain't know shit but she a fast learner, so I had to burn her, and turn her over to the other side
Make her believe in my dream like Coretta Scott
Any you other metal detectors, you kinda high
Without you pressing the pedal, shawty, you cannot drive
Not parachuting without me, shawty, you cannot fly
Your parachute so without me you couldn't walk a mile
Tell your truths, never lies, to keep you by my side
'Cause a nigga gotta hit it one more time

'Cause that pussy so good, that pussy so good, that pussy so-
That pussy so good, that pussy so-, so fuckin' good
That pussy fire, real talk
That's some fire pussy you got over there, shorty
Y'knamean? For'real
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