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Casket Lyrics

$ILKMONEY – Casket Lyrics

You have reached the Sprint voice mailbox of 6331. To leave a voice message, press 1, or just wait for the t-
S'white boy, S.O.S you left me in the jungle man

Young, black and just don't give a fuck
I like to get high all day, sleep, and get my digits up
The skeletons in my closet so deep, I couldn't dig 'em up
Could give a fuck about a job, I'd rather stick a nigga up for a bigger cut
Ain't eat in months, I need a bigger cup, 'cause we ain't eat in months
White education, black self-hatred is what they teaching us
Carcinogens and scraps off the pavement is what they feeding us
Long as the weed lit up and we keep it tucked, we don't give a fuck
Shit, bitch, I really lied in that casket
Told no truths when I prayed for my child to become a bastard
Showed no proof of my ways and my actions to pointless masses
Count backwards 'cause time don't exist but only matter
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