Start shit off going fast and hard
Just move to the beat like your in the dark
Girl your so funny, your such a card
And I hope your little laughs will take you far
I like a flow that's fast as hell
Get used to my name like it rings a bell
If you were my girl I would treat you well
If I said I'm the shit, Don't mind the smell
I'm just kidding, I don't mean to sound conceded
Truth is, I'm just a nerd who sits at home on the weekends
I'm pretty down to earth, I'm a pretty chill guy
I just like to make music, hang out, and get high

They used to say that I was emo, Used to say that I was scene
Used to say I was a goth, whatever the fuck that means?
You can call me what you want, to me it doesn't really matter
Because my rhymes are so dope and my beats are getting fatter
What's past is past, what's done is done
If your gonna fucking judge me, then I hope you have fun
Because I'm not the kid that I used to be
So let me introduce you to the new and improved me

I try to keep it real, I try to tell it like it is
I ain't got no record deal, but that would be cool if I did
I don't got a lot of money, to me money doesn't matter
Some say I am crazy as the fucking mad hatter
I've got brown hair and grey-blue eyes
If you think that I'm cute, there's no need to be shy
If you like to smoke weed and you like to get high
Girl drop me your digits, we can chill sometime
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Not The Kid I Used To Be Lyrics

I Eat Lightning – Not The Kid I Used To Be Lyrics