I write and record shit in the basement of my home
Now lets get the ball rolling like I'm indiana jones
If you ask me, I think that it's time to speed it up
So after this line I will be going fast as fuck
Childhood dreams to grow up and be a rapper
I did techno for a while but I think that this is better
If the childhood me could hear the songs that I am making
I would play them so loud that my walkman would be breaking
I was a 90's kid, grew up on dbz
Goku was bad ass raise your hand if you agree
Also had catdog and don't forget doug funny
Now it's time for the chorus so lets hit the ground running

I tried to write some raps when I was just a little kid
Looked up to eminem and thought that he was the shit
I once said to myslef that I would never ever quit
I was gone for a while, but now I'm back and writing this
If you listen to my shit, then thanks, I'm glad you like it
You can find this song for free or you can help me out and buy it
Funny thing about this rapping is that I aint even trying
If I said this wasn't fun, then I would be lying

Here's a little something that I bet you didn't know
I had a mullet as a kid and I was proud to let it show
All of my life, I have always been different
Not afraid to be myself, but I'm a little shy with women
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Childhood Dreams Lyrics

I Eat Lightning – Childhood Dreams Lyrics