My new songs, I know your gonna listen
Cuz my beats are so hot like I just cooked em in the kitchen
Much truth remains hidded, and lies broadcasted
Get ready cuz I'm bout to rock this park like jurassic
I'm gonna trash it, blast right past it
You know I like to rock the mic with some of that fast shit
I'll outlast it, green gets passin
Smoke fills the room while we be smokin on that glass shit

Volume maxed out, can't get enough of that bass
Like a teenage mutant ninja turtle, gone without a trace
Insomniac, no sleep for back to back days
Time to open your eyes, your mind, and see through the haze
Have a good time while the bass is blastin
My shit is taking off I always knew this would happen
I can tell you want to dance by the way your actin
Not to mention all this weed just has me laughin

The united states have sold their souls
And our nation seems to be under the media's control
I believe in freedom, this shit is just a shade
They spread all of their fear but my hope will never fade
People worship money like it walked on fuckin water
Talk shit about me cuz I don't even fucking bother
Yes the shit is true, I like to have good times
But I'm also on a search for truth in a world that's full of lies
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A World Full Of Lies Lyrics

I Eat Lightning – A World Full Of Lies Lyrics