Staring at the mirror I don't even know my own face
My mind spinning circles
My world filled with empty space
The light playing tricks on my sense of time
When strangers come up to me
I say I'm just fine

Who can believe all this straightjacket logic?
When people say they're schizophrenic
Aren't they neurologic?

There's so many of us reeling
Wandering around
Searching for clarity
Focusing on inner sounds
If all we need is love
What's the fighting all about?
They've stacked the cards against us
And now they're shaking us down!

Crackin up from chronic lack of REM sleep was bound to happen
Howlin at the moon
Whisper if you catch me nappin
I seem to explode at the drop of a hat
For no apparent reason
So what's up with that?

Blame the ugly side effects on all this medication
I know I'm only schizophrenic
But who needs such aggravation?

Freedom is something none of us has
So we lie to ourselves
Have you ever noticed?
They keep me in a lab conducting the most invasive tests
My behavior makes them nervous
Maybe they've got things to hide?
My plan is to check myself out involuntarily
Her smile will light my path
See, I've done all the higher math…

Needing just to be with her without raising expectations
One wet kiss would be enough to energize my sensations
But then I remember who I really am
And the laughing gets the best of me
I just don't stand a chance

I must not be alone in here
Coz even when it's dark
This notion that I'm schizophrenic
Tells me where to start
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Schizophrenia Lyrics

Howard Lawrence – Schizophrenia Lyrics

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