Make love to jazz and dance in the rain
Pour yourself a nightcap to soften your brain
Fill the yard with pets if they make you laugh
Lock the year-end bonus in to thank your staff
Stop driving with your fist in the air
This is not the way!
You wanna be remembered down there?

The holidays were good to you so give some back
It doesn't matter how——just stick to those who lack
That gurgling in your stomach just means you've had enough
So drop some change in the beggar's cup
He'll sing some wicked stuff

Put the humble pie back in your mouth
You were bound to hit a wall as your positions went south
We just don't give a damn about the rich guy's predicament
So you lost a bundle tool
Do you think we even notice it?

Start the day with supplements and herbal tea
Book another weekend with friends you hardly see
Tell your dad you'd love to share an evening at the pub
Package up a golf game and a happy ending back rub
Fight the urge to grab the ice cream and cake
The last few pounds are hardest when you eat what you bake

You can own the table once you figure out why
The planets don't align in your favor all the time
She made it with a college girl
That's unfair competition!
But don't indulge in quid pro quo to flame her worst suspicions

Walk away and don't look back you've come this far
Rise up to meet the challenge
Show them who you are
When life hands you lemons you know what to do
Thank God for all this freedom…...
Get on the next cruise!

Host the next conference here without an agenda
Gift your box seats to your favorite bartender
Avoid the big mistakes and you might forgive your parents
Sure they're full of nonsense but look at what they're wearin
Put the music on and play it again
The dull ache may dissipate but it never ends

Surprise! You're on the move again but are you really trying?
It seems you're at an impasse——the rocks are really flying
These questions you've been asking express what you're about
But the answers won't reveal themselves until you're free from doubt

Keep your date with destiny
You can still make it work and so can she
There are signs all around you——the promise of insight
Nothing can catch you when you're running after midnight
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