It can numb your feeling
Make you think you care
It can leave you reeling
Are you almost there?

If your hope is fading
Let your conscience sleep
The red shadow awakens you
When you plunge too deep

Unhinged (they watch him closely)
On the run (from a frightening memory)
He left home (didn't even say goodbye)
With a loaded gun
Drew a line (he's afraid to cross)
In the desert sand
If he made it back home alive again
He'd be a better man

Tread carefully until there's proof
You can't trust what you read
Don't look to them to reveal the truth
They'll cut and let you bleed

Make believe you know what's right
And then it all becomes clear
The red shadow restores your sight
When total darkness draws near
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Heed The Red Shadow Lyrics

Howard Lawrence – Heed The Red Shadow Lyrics