Living in this world alone
Keeping all the pain inside
Fortifying walls will stop them cold
Backing down is just suicide
Deadbolt the doors
Staving off intruders you mark the line
Others cross if they're feeling lucky

You wanna live like the king who stole the crown
You wander everywhere searchin for higher ground
Reset your compass
Navigate the course
No conscience
No remorse
And when they find you [they never will]
Make the whole gang suffer, —it's what you're all about
Running after midnight when the lights burn out

Dying in this world alone
Enemies you can't reveal
Situations pave the road you'll follow
Tell us what you feel
Racing down an uphill course
Changing direction when taken by force
Who took the risk believing in miracles?

Erase the memories to flee your troubled past
Take cover——there's rubble beneath the blast
Will you do what you're told?
Or let them drill your head full of holes?
Better learn to steal…, …these terms are unreal
Counter pending offers with pennies for a pound
Running after midnight while the leaves turn brown

How do you know which way to go?
Caught in a trap trying to shake a bad rap
Backstabbers all the way…
They'll drown you in the sea of shame
Then make you beg for mercy to clear your name

Rolled nickels and dimes you pledge to leave behind
Clothes never returned in the bags of rags you burn
Tickets in hand you sneak right by the doorman
Repaid in the end with dementia and gout
Running after midnight till the sand runs out
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Running After Midnight Lyrics

Howard Lawrence – Running After Midnight Lyrics