I've seen a lot of changes through my restless eyes.
A whole obscurity toward world's delusion.
One hopeless nature with a burning blue skies.
Deluge of insecurity and a vanished devotion.
This is not my daydream a prophecy becomes reality.
Through a messiah of denial with an outburst of dissension.
This is a reflection of my consciousness
That I never listened, that you've never listened.
Unseen desolation, unlisten confuseness.
And my world now has comes to an end.
Voiceless dismay, and covered decimation.
And now our greed has leads to another path of destruction.
I feel myself going numb, my heart drown insecure.
I open my hands, I'm trying to pray.
And still asked does I still have a hope to keep myself sane.
Hoping for some ears to listen and a heart comes with an answer.
This is what I've seen beyond their suffering.
This is what I've heard while you won't hear.
There's nothing sensible, there's no hope to wait.
This whole obscenities leads to world's deprivation.
A misdirection act deceasing the nature resources.
A beautiful anguish towards onslaught of persecution.
I'm only able to see my blue sky been burned.
I'm only able to feel my soul been taken.
I only stand in silence I can't remove myself.
Finally my world is over, and my hope comes to an end.
Finally my words still nothing and I'm still not going cry
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A Thousand Crying Eyes Lyrics

Hands Upon Salvation – A Thousand Crying Eyes Lyrics