The life you took from these everlasting consumptions
Proven to be greed of this violent civilization
A tradition of wickedness less sensible heritage
Creation of supremacy violence and inflictions

I…I stand in a verge of labyrinth

The murder has become tradition
Decimation continues overwhelming
Unnecessary killing outgrow in every kind
Of annihilations…of annihilations

I choose the path of dissension
The differences I seek as a solution
I’ve taken a diverse believes
In a common and savage majority

I regain the new strength
And I choose myself release
I starve for a new life

Rebirth with a new hope
I retain to diverge ideas

I won’t fall again the torches in my heart
Will light a brighter day
I won’t fall again the torches in my heart
Will guide me to the end

The conviction in my hand
The conviction in my mind
Will lead the way
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A New Bonfire Lyrics

Hands Upon Salvation – A New Bonfire Lyrics