Awake I see the sun burning, the flaming light wounded my skin.
The year is getting shorter, filthy no hope.
Destruction so near, so close above of us.
Damnation will be come, I can feel it in my eyes.
The curse will be spread, be remorse.
Cause you'll not escape.
Be prepare you human, tormentation will be start.
Your body will wound bleed, now escape from your filth.
Sangkakala will singing the earth will greatly burning.
All cursed remains will arise from their frozen grave.
That's the last time, you can feel yourself breathing.
From everything and hope, you've done wrong in filthiness.
The sky has lost their blue, the earth will bleed and burn.
The curses of your god, the final destruction.
Damnation is upon you, tormentation is waiting for you.
Behedation is above you, extinction is now this world.
As the sky fall.
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As The Sky Fall Lyrics

Hands Upon Salvation – As The Sky Fall Lyrics