Well I'm going for the gusto
It's a well-known fact
No I'll never look back
No not because I'm supposed to
Gonna have another beer
No not because I'm supposed to

Yeah I'm going for the gusto
Most folks sit and watch tv
And think that they're alive
The good times never die
Football, frozen dinners, in-laws
And once in awhile I see myself
And it makes me want to cry
Suddenly I realize

These good times are a lie

My friends would laugh and throw some rocks
I used to walk her home from school
Each and every day
But they too knew she was great
Till I saw her swapping kisses
That's back when I was eight
So I kicked his ass off the overpass
With that guy named Gary Tate

At my brother's wedding
She done ask me fur a dance

With the lights turned low
I told that gal I ain't real good
But I guess I'll take a chance
Seemed to put her in a trance
The music slow
I'm doing it
Well fuck this shit

I'm pulling down my pants
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Gusto Lyrics

Guttermouth – Gusto Lyrics