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The Next Faux Mohican Lyrics

Guttermouth – The Next Faux Mohican Lyrics

Now that alterna-rock's officially dead
And all the white kids dress just like Eminem
Remember Michael on his Victory Tour
Back then he was black but now I'm not sure

Punk rock was cool, I remember it then
But it could never ever happen again
That Bizkit band, man they sure went Limp
Just like the wrist of my cousin Skip

Some people come here to take a crap
But I come here to leave one
If the sky turns blue I'll paint it black
'cause I don't need a reason

It's ironic, haven't heard from the Spoon man
Alison's Chained, she was squashed by a Pumpkin
Making room for the next faux mohican
The Topic's Hot, I'm looking great for the weekend

I remember it then

Like back in 1972
All the hippies sniffing glue
Now they're back
It's a fact

British invasion from the Beatles
And their corny mop top hairdos are back
Emo's back

That guy's jeans are so low and tight
His face is pasty white
Dressed in black
Nice butt crack

See that trendy hipster dude
With his trucker hat askew
He's so wack (Whatever that means)
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