Once upon a time something possessed me
It made me steal
And I dreamt to meet someone real
To smack him to make him feel
At last I had a chance - a small shop nearby
So I thought: I'd rip him off and hit him goodbye

But voices from Heaven suddenly stopped me
Telling what's good what's wrong hindered me
Nothing else but voices from heaven
Warn you - be careful not to ignore the voices from heaven

Voices from heaven caution us
Adding losses and profits
Voices from heaven Among us What are thee? What for?
The evil they eliminate (it's conscience)

Once I had a chance to offend a Miss
Because she had too big tits
But all of the sudden I don't know why and when
I couldn't open my mouth
And some force stopped me and enabled me
To mock at the girl
After years I understood one mustn't
Offend - it spreads hate among us.
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Voices From Heaven Lyrics

Gutter Sirens – Voices From Heaven Lyrics