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Pimpin Lyrics

Goonew – Pimpin Lyrics

[Intro: Goonew]
Goonrich, nigga
Ayy Manny, this joint crank, fool
James Bond with the Glock, know how to shoot
Pop me a Percocet, don't fuck with boof
Givenchy on me when I hop out the coupe
Spizzle go crazy

[Verse 1: Goonew]
AR-15, this a roadblock
Dirty my cup, need a cold pop
I’m in LA like I'm 2Pac
Balenci' my feet with the red at the bottom
Uh, I need the stars in the car
Uh, talkin’ 'bout Wraith with the stars
Beat up the block, servin' auntie the drop
The pot hot, boy, the kitchen is raw
Sippin' on lean, had a long day
Pop me a Xan', throw the pain away
Niggas be rappin', these niggas be cappin'
Wrap it and send it and send 'em a package
Rap nigga, we gon’ take his plate
Cook a nigga, Benihana and steak
Homicide, homicide to the safe
All these tattoos, scars on my face, uh
They call me Goonwick and they call me Goonew
I stomp on they neck, bitch, I’m stompin' on you
Don’t need no new friends, gotta watch how I move
Uh, Goonrich
Come on your block, bitch, I'm runnin' that shit
Scrapin' that pot, put my thumb in the dish
When I’m in the kitchen, crack the window and shit
I be sippin' lean, give a fuck 'bout a bitch
Smackin' hoes, Goonwick, I'm a pimp
I got bitches and they call me Goonwick
I got bitches and they call me Goonrich
I got bitches, uh
I got bitches and they call me Goonwick
Slid with pistols, yeah, you know I'ma hit
Hah, ooh, Goonrich
I got bitches, yeah, they call me a pimp
Goonwick, Goonwick, got them hoes in the VIP
I got bitches, got the sauce, got the drip
Ain't pimpin' nigga, but them hoes on my dick
Uh, Goonwick

[Interlude: Lil Gray]
Ayy, Goon
What's up with your bitches, boy?
I got some bitches too
They young, too many of 'em

[Verse 2: Lil Gray]
So many hoes, eeny miny moe
She jump out her clothes when she see the dough
Retired the nine, .40 on the road
Send six to your mind 'cause I want some smoke
Shooter just bad but now I'm bringing hope
Used to see me and laugh, now your pockets a joke
Shit was harder to match, now I'm playing with cash
Think that I'm going back, now you making me laugh
Too many bitches, I could throw an oop
Feds come get you, you gon' tell the truth
Mikey with me, I'm gon' tell him shoot
I stay with white just like your cleanest tooth
Kill every beat, it's like I'm Dylan Roof
I choke your bitch, the dick came with a noose
Bitch, I'm from coupe, militant like a troop
Bitch, let's get this shit hot like I'm makin' some soup
I've been in it, you known to go higher
The anxieties need to end me, go the days of our lives
I might empty out the semi, just depend on your side
Fuck it, work hard on you with the handy four-five
Try, then you die, I just hit two times
Disrespect don't fly, you get shot 'cause you high
You get crossed any time like a young AI
Tryna ball on these niggas 'til they cut off the lights
AR-15 and it came with the sight
Twenty shooters and one came with a knife
Fuck your bitch, I know I'm givin' her life
Fuck your bitch, I know I'm givin' her life
Instead I might just serve a P with my eye
Lil Gray Grim Reaper, all I need is a scythe
Ayy, ayy, I want that bitch 'cause she nice
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