Now enjoy if you can the visit to your darkest part
So lace the safety belt, the journey is going to start

By passing through the gloomiest mazes of your brain
I will show yourselves of which fragility you are made
By roaming through the tunnels of your own psyche
You're gonna find all the worst things you've done in your life

You'll see your wasted years she'd on the floor
Smashed like flies by the height of your bore
By sailing through the abyss you'll feel the cold near
And then you will know that it is your deepest fear

Black clouds are flying upon your amazed glance
While you are wandering about this place
They're waiting your surrender by showing their jaws
And when the time will come they're gonna eat your corpse

You're gonna implore to the messengers of death
For the way to get out, to escape from there
But you know too well that in your own mind
Freedom's enclosed by a steel barbed wire

You think that you've arrived to the end of your time
But maybe you don't know that the worst must still come

And the worst is that, soon or late, you'll have to open your eyes
To face this world of shit, to pay the price
You're victim of yourselves, so you can't react
You're only clever when you must retreat

The sun now is rising, so wipe off all your tears
And with a big smile, let you wolf down by your deepest fear
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Your Deepest Fear Lyrics

Golem – Your Deepest Fear Lyrics