I am walking on this night
The air is calm, but I'm in fight
Like in a desert, I'm alone
The night comes down, the pain lives on

I hear a shout, a scream of hate
The madman calls me behind a gate
"Welcome back home, my dear" he says
"The sabbath has just taking place"

"Call the dead from their tombs, call the masters of war
That's the night when the evil will play it's part! "

"Let the hell's demon out, let tonight the pain shout
There's no place for the sun, now it's time that the fear must start
Here comes the dark! "

The sulphur smell wrap all the zone
The evil rules, the good is gone
A thunder blasts across the sky
The earth is burned by a blaze of fire
The scythe of death is all aflame
"Let's start the rite!" I play the game
The madman from the altar screams
"Your sacrifice is all we need!"

I've never seen a thing like this before
I cannot stop what's going on

The priest give out the special guest
Now I'm afraid, but I must breast
He scratches my wrist with a knife
Can't scream because I'm terrorized

I find myself in my own bed
I'm worrying in a pool of sweat
I realize "It was a jest!"
The dream is gone except my scratch
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Here Comes The Dark Lyrics

Golem – Here Comes The Dark Lyrics