Field is ready for the fight
Warrior's heart is full of hate
Earth flows out thirst for revenge
There's not time for doubts because
Fray is going to explode
And we'll be all inside

Years of wrath now face each other
Swords and armours are shining bright
Until they will get stained by blood
Of their eternal rivals

Bring all your courage
If you want fight with pride
Send all your enemies
To the other side

Run! To save yourself today
Hold on! It's at stake your fate

"I will sign forever your life
Obey to your master!
I've come to make you die! "

Justice's done for all
Field's a wasteland
But you had not the right
To commit this crime

So when will come your time
You must reflect upon your life
But will not serve to kill the death
'Cause death never dies
Death never dies

Bring all your courage
And a bit of pride
When death will come for you
And will have your eyes

All your sins
All your faults
Passing by

Chose the words
To save a prayer
Now it's time to die
Death never dies
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Death Never Dies Lyrics

Golem – Death Never Dies Lyrics