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Sacred Gears Lyrics

Gladius Sky – Sacred Gears Lyrics

The illusion of my reality is the fuel that fears the flame
That I may not walk upon earthly ground as a god that fears no pain
A glimpse through an eye that does not suffer the living
Has dawned upon me that I stem not from duality

I approached a great gate that is covered with demonic faces
It takes one so willing to breach a gate to haunted places
To go through the myst is not for the daunting fool
That will run when he sees those loathsome memories

A figure of death will greet you in shadow's hall
Follow him through the power of silence to ancient ruins

A skeletal hand points toward the ground
The floor begins to rumble
A tree cracks the stone upon which I stand
And branches through out all worlds

Like the water that falls from lands edge
I descend through the split apart ground
To find that I fall through a root-filled sky
And dive into the ocean from which it draws life

The spirit of the giant awakens from the light
He slumbers in the embodied ocean as twin serpents
Until you go down to greet them
The ones who spit this cosmic fire

Down here the symphony of life plays it's song
I ride the wave of sound to discover why I came
An unfoldment of all realities take place upon my wake
And now I stand before the Giant's gate

Within these states I see many sacred gears
All the stars they hold up in the sky
And they will never leave you to fall
For it is the life that encompasses all
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