When do you see your fatal lies
Driven by fear that will jeopardize?
With wishes and hopes the people will slow
They need not say for the wind will blow

And how will we know when we've risen again?
The power will flow from deep within

The intention that is meant to be is the key to the greatest gates

In light of it's place the darkness disgraced
Then you free yourself from insanity
Take what you know and dissolve your woe
For it's presence hinders your strategies

You endured the forces that bound you
Now spread your wings to fly to freedom

It's all around and no one will drown
In my graced full reality
Of infinite knowledge that cannot be desired
We shatter the sky to breech the sun
To look deep within the blinding light
And let it be known we see as one

I am the creator of life and I am the bringer of death
Watch my hands open your fates then crush them into dust

I come from the light and I do not weigh
A seal of energy I cannot say
I bare a spark in the eternal storm
Wavering in a field of stardust form

Do not bow before your gods
You have dwelled in your past for far too long
Now rise to the glory of your self incarnation
And resonate in the eternal cosmic song

Celestia divina I call for thee
Celestia divina I will see

Feel the presence of the cosmic force
That glows inside your shaded mind
That the light will bring with it darkness
And that is what will leave you blind
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Celestia Divina Lyrics

Gladius Sky – Celestia Divina Lyrics