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I Am The Hunted Lyrics

Gladius Sky – I Am The Hunted Lyrics

They chased me through the fields and forest for days
For what I successfully betrayed
Years I remained loyal to their throne
And the shadows of deceit slowly were sewn

I robbed them of the beauty they adore
This whore?
She's nothing more than the icon of slaves and war

She's a hostage and at my liege
But she's more excited than fearful it seems
She does not know I'm not here to set her free

Ten thousand pieces to the one who brings her head
I have commissioned this
A deceitful task to infiltrate the enemy
She doesn't have the slightest faintest clue
Why I enticed her to leave the castle with me
I am going to use you

Day three they are still hunting me
They want back their wench
She will never be freed

She feels something is wrong and quickly I tie her hands in bonds
Your friends aren't going to save you now
Kicking and screaming as I drag you by your leg
Once past those gates you will attend a deathly fate

Hung for the carrion birds
To swarm and eat her corpse
Left in high view to break the enemy's will
When they see her dead
Their people and warriors will fall
And their fates will become that of sorrow
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