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Some Of Us May Never See The World Lyrics

GHOSTEMANE – Some Of Us May Never See The World Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Slouched in your sofa while watchin the words run across your screen
Start a debate over somethin you read with no literacy
Eat propaganda for breakfast and lunch and in the evening
Share with the world all the ignorant shit that youve come to believe
Runnin your mouth about what needs to change in our society
Not one to judge but I think youre the problem with society
Keep spreadin hate like uranium fever eventually
Bring back the guillotine watch your head roll with the fall of the blade
Swamp stomp
Let it all dump And ima headbang till my brains fall out my cranium
I coulda been saved coulda been sane
But I Never wanna succumb and become another one of y'all lames
Jump jump when that bass thump
Won't cha forget about everything that made you wanna jump in a lake
And swim to the bottom and never see the light of the day
I promise it only gets better so hang in

One with the thought of a way to transcend and make it off of earth
Sing all the sheeple into the gates and watch them beg for your mercy
Stuck in between the lesser of 2 evils and Satan himself
Start askin questions before its too late and you can't save yourself
Why settle for the worst shit When we all stuck in the middle of the bullshit
Look up to God
All the sudden now you thinkin that youre told a solution
Really wanna make me think I ain't gotta do shit but pray
God ain't gonna be the one to say put his teeth in the curb and stomp away

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