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Pimp Slide Off A1A Lyrics

GHOSTEMANE – Pimp Slide Off A1A Lyrics

No matter what my wallet lookin' like I'm pimpin' on this all gold and leather
Stay sliding in the Grand Marquis
With them all gold teeth
You can buy no better
Now play the Mystic Pimp shit
Think you wanna change your career
Not a god damn thought in my brain 'cept how I'm gonna fuck this chick Christina
Never fucking with a lazy rapper
Bitch, in the game I go ballistic
I'm a beast, you a beast but you hyped and we never really hang so keep your distance
I'm a one man gang with a Louisville Slugger and you know I'm never missin'
There's way too much hate up inside, everybody nowadays so I take no chances
Spending everyday all day in the pad
Don't talk to me
Introverted, skinny young kid but don't box for me
I'm constantly accomplishing everything that I never wanted in the beginning
I want to live up on a mountain top
Without a worry of what kind of acid to drop
I'm thinking if I hit a high enough altitude
I'll be escaping the demons that lurk in my room
But I keep it cool
Shinigami got me thinking that I am an unlucky fool
But it ain't that true
I'm lucky enough by the grace of whatever that I am not you
If you one of them motherfuckers that be trying to prove
That you a thing but you ain't shit, take a look at you
Bringing down everybody else's mood
Negativity inside
I don't fuck with you

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