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Klik Bait Lyrics

GHOSTEMANE – Klik Bait Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Puttin up with this shit on my daily got me thinkin about another way to cope wit neva bein okay
I'm sick of spittin' about I wanna put a gun to my dome but that's the main thang
Wondering all up in my brain
I'm gonna end up at the top of a mountain lookin' down at all tha things that I shoulda did and didn't but hey
It's all about the shit that you see people you meet
Sometimes the people you meet really ain't what they seem
I'm wakin up every day another day in Paradise
At least That's what I hear from everyone over 55
But what do they know
Gen Y
Fuck life
Till I die

[Hook x6]
Wake up
Another day
In Paradise
Thats What they say

[Verse 2]
Posted up
Miami club on LSD
Feel the love
Hennessey replace blood
Like paranoia replace fun
Hand on her thigh my chick flood
Like hoover dam done quit his job
Face down at a bus stop
Bum killed by 2 cops
Fast forward now stop
Man killed at a traffic stop
4 to the back and then he drop
Paid vacation fo a crooked cop
Fast forward some mo stop
Look around at what you got
Keep readin bout who got shot
Everybody dead yall must have forgot

[Hook x6]
Wake up
Another day
In Paradise
Thats What they say

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