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Doseinit Now Lyrics

Ghetts – Doseinit Now Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
Heavy MCs offend me incidentally or directly
I think it's envy
They all want to be me deep down
And if it ain't me its the guy with the Bentley [Will]
I ain't friendly, I'm deadly you can ask Wesley
I got so many bars I'd have more than you if my memory was empty
When I was 20 I made my entry [into this]
Some never liked grime before they heard me now guess what they're all [into this]
If you think the scene ain't going nowhere, watch when the whole world's [into this]
And all I'll say is [I told you so]
You think you know now but [no you don't]
Never had faith before but all of a sudden you're [into this]
But what you know bout Deyja on monday
Meridian,[?] ,Nasty, Roll deep and East Connection
Made up a runway for an MC to take off and make gwop
But then the game got mixed with the gunplay
And the police locked the rave off
They stopped any event that was affiliated with the grime scene but the top boy sustained [me]
A lot of MCs dropped out with the same excuses [ they ain't no money in this ting]
But me I love making music
So the fame and the money is a bonus
And when it came it came with the rumours
But somehow I remained focused
I keep Climbing the ladder of success
And everytime I go a level up it's a different weight ting shoulders, it get's heavier
I still remember spitting at the urban music seminar
There was a couple other cats but they weren't ready for the pit-bull terrier
Them man are prey I'm a predator
BET nominee me, Chipmunk, Giggs and Skepta in America
The second I touched down I was in a Mall
Check what I'm telling ya
When it comes to creps I can't get enough so I got a hell'u'va
Collection and my section's swelling up
I been around half of the world
Juss cause I wrote bars in the cell on a regular
My next door kept harming himself, kept scarring himself while screaming [Jessica]
I never knew who she was
I should have asked her myself when I was in edinburgh
In a cemetry somewhere
After one year on the roads
He met some breh with no care in his bones
The fuck was unfair, cause the breh came there with half his area
But my man never run scared
He might have had a death wish, cause he coulda legged it
But he never so he got left with multiple stab wounds
Head, chest, neck slit, that's a next ting
And if I weren't to busy in the pen, getting busy with the pen
That could have been my bredrin
Even though I knew a guy was on suicide watch
I was in my cell smoking the ash
Eyes red like I was doing eye drops
They might of, never liked us
I was going back to back with other inmates
I'm the reason the whole wing was hyped up
These times I was with Wallace and stunnaman
Me and stunnaman [?]
We was both 18 and we had a plan
2003 round Jammer's
So many bars in the headtop
Could have made 2 albums a week around Jammer's [ it's the murkle]
Listen to Lord of the Decks part 2, then you'll know about bangers
My mind works I'm thuggin it out
And a freestyle that Louie White made, when I told you niggas I was on a music ting
They thought I was fucking about
Years later i'm doseinit now

[outro: Ghetts]
I'm doseinit now
I'm running this town
No fucking about
I ain't fuckin' around
I'm doseinit now. [x3]

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