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Ghetto No More Lyrics

Ghetts – Ghetto No More Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
Honestly, I was on a robbing spree
Ended up in solitary, came out, started thinking logically
My dog said the jailhouse softened me (possibly)
I was the raw type, so poor I
Never had a score 5, what else but pure crime?
Kicked out of school and still awake before 9
This was before grime, I couldn't spit then
I used to try but I was shit then
I used to listen to them jungle tings, D&B rumble came
I was a target just cause I had a humble face
But I never grumbled, eh, I had my bora
Stick it in a body like it's Flora
Then disappear like Wizadora
Who would've thought that I'd become a performer? (which one of you thought that?)
I left victims in trauma
I was the boy on the front line, never see me in the corner

[Hook: A.L.]
Some people tell me I change every day
I never sacrificed this much to remain the same
You can take the boy out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out the boy
Ghetto no more, no more, ghetto no more, no more

[Verse 2: Ghetts]
I'm taking it back to Stratford McDonalds
Twenty bruddas outside - nines, bats and bottles
Scars on my chin, scars on my shins
From being handcuffed, lying flat on the cobble
Usual suspects, crew full of ruffnecks
Who would've knew I was destined for musical success?
You ever visualised something as beautiful as sunset?
Now ghetto no more's the only suitable subject
I'm just a brudda tryna change the game
You, you're just another brudda that the game has changed
Day to day, so many people ask me why I've changed my name
They claim it's for the mainstream, however it may seem
Let me set the record straight - every step I take
They reminded me I'm ghetto but the people in the ghetto say
Ghetto ain't ghetto no more so I'm stuck between
A rock and a hard place, even I've had enough of me


[Verse 3: Ghetts]
And now it seems like everybody's losing respect (why's that?)
Cuh I'm using my head (what they saying?)
They're saying G.H., he's changed, he's losing his edge
Them boy first salute me instead
Fame isn't great, my face is bait and I ain't gonna make
Them same mistakes that I made in the past but because of music I won't make em again
I'm making a change, playing it safe, I won't be contained in a cage - I'm free
And it's staying that way, I went from wigging up apes to
Playing em rapes, last week I was on the plane to LA (first class rudeboy)
Who? They wanna ask what's happening, I say "nothing much, I'm travelling"
Through air like a javelin, all because I'm talented
Ain't seen the whole world but my home's a hotel
The Hilton, the Malmaison, the Ritz and Radisson
All this without any management, it baffles them
And now it's time to reap the benefits
And overdose on extravagance

[Hook x2]

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