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These Words Lyrics

Ghetts – These Words Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ghetts]
I ain't an MC, I'm a prophet
So I keep a hidden message in my topics
Even when I see my coffin
I'll never be forgotten
You'll remember me
Even if your memory needs unlocking, check my legacy
Passion in my voice, you can hear my pour my heart out
And I don't give a fuck if I never make a 'Pass Out'
As long as I change a life or two when I'm writing tunes
Even though these industry folks don't like my views
Still I've decided to never hide the truth
Clever minds'll prove, Pac tried to tell 'em in '92
And Lauryn tried to tell 'em too
And everyone's acting like say they never knew
Damn, I don't get it
There's a war going on outside no man is safe from
You think there's no harm in kids watching Harry wave wands?
Please switch your brain on, the real hero
Ain't comin with no cape on, and you won't know what hunger feels like
Until your plate's gone, I'm livin in a whole generation of atheists
Just cause it's hard to keep faith and remain strong
I hope we're on the same page, don
Oh yeah, I know you hear me
Well you can jot me out of all your conspiracy theories
Dark times, my nigga I'm weary
But this is delivered sincerely
Some think I'm spittin theory
Well, listen cleary

[Hook: Alex Mills]
And you should know that
Even when I'm dead and I'm gone
I know that I will always live on
With these words
These words, keep playing on the strings of your soul
And I know
The day that I'm no longer meant for this earth
And my body is returned to the dust
These words, these words
Will remain until the days go cold
And there's no more

[Verse 2: Ghetts]
After the first verse I bet they wanna shoot the messenger
Or describe as a madman whose views are irregular
And even though my music is secular
The devil don't approve when I'm telling ya the truth
So don't be surprised if I'm abused by an editor
Bad reviews on my repertoire
Once upon a time I was a lost cause
Me and my dawgs throwing dudes in the reservoir
I never said that I was perfect, but show me a person
On this earth's surface that weren't born a sinner
The world's cold, of course we shiver
And if you try sleeping on what I say, I'll pull ya pillow
From underneath ya head
Let my words go straight into your brain
Like a bullet right after I pull the trigger
And now you've got an open mind
So analyse these words as they go inside
And you'll be so inspired, close your eyes
We've all been told a load of lies
The truth is what they don't supply
The devil wants my soul, he can't afford it, it's over-priced
Nowadays I'm feeling close to Christ
Remove the evil out my way
I've prayed for most of my life
Staring in the face of temptation
Every day I've sent Satan a message to them Pagans
The sensation you feel is gonna end with an Amen


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