Time gives no reason to your acts, it's a risk we have
To cash, like a castle made of sand. Into your arms, I
Go sixteen years before and, there I whisper to my past
Than I'm too scared of my brand new life. But don't
You think you are the only one, cause I'm a mess, I'm
Not effective, force me to land on my bed, I'm flying
High and that is my problem...

Cause I'm not doing like I always do, it seems to me

I'm back to innocence, because I'm always trying to be
Safe when I am scared, I'm back to innocence...

Give me tour love so I can't turn the page, kiss me
Before you start to fade to gray, must I forget this
And go ahead to pretend it's lost, to believe it's lost?
Now 1000 miles away, you hear my voice inside your
Head as I'm singing on this stage.
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Back To Innocence Lyrics

G.a.s. Drummers – Back To Innocence Lyrics