Don't try to be sorry, don't worry if your weird,
Just try to wear a smile on your face.
In a different city, trying to set new goals your are
Lonely, loneliness...

But every day your life it's gaining sense 'cuz you
Remember every word you're heard, you connect every
Feeling and you hate being serious, and this your new
Deal, further... Ideal, 'cuz now it's time to listen up...

You will recycle once again to something better, you're

Optimistic to the bone, will be forever now, you're not
Afraid of the chains your breaking.

But drama appears when you feel alone, then you shoot
Your civil straight to a wall, and you show yourself in
When the light is out, when the flesh is week, when
Reality is something hard to fit in you show your self
In violence...
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Forever Now Lyrics

G.a.s. Drummers – Forever Now Lyrics