He's the hero in this story, he takes his motorbike
And he rides away, he spend his days searching for
Glory, imitating television, looking for s**.

He's just one more from our civilization, let's put our
Hands in shame, we hate believe as champions, he's
One more from our desperation, he doesn't know...

He suffers from apathy and now we can see him fall
She's the star in this story, she knows herself
Strange living for fashion and dying without passion...

Self- made man is just a lie, tyrannical and dumb
We're too dead to solve this problem we're just
Falling down a trap.

Togetherness is just a blackened illusion, let's put our
Heads in shame, we hate ourselves as warriors, our
Generation is dust on history, don't we know we're
Still too dumb.
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Falling Down The Trap Lyrics

G.a.s. Drummers – Falling Down The Trap Lyrics