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On The Corner Lyrics

G Herbo – On The Corner Lyrics

[DJ Don Cannon]
They told me it was rules to this shit
But guess what I told them
Here go my rules
Number 1 make money
Number 2 use that money to make more money
Number 3, repeat that shit

[Hook: KD Young Cocky] x2
I remember that corner
Momma told me, please stay off that corner
They sell weed from California on that corner
Plus that liquor store is right there on that corner
Ooooo, rest in peace my homie died on that corner
Youngin caught his first case out on that corner
I advise you all to stay up off that corner
Shout out all my niggas on that corner

[Verse 1: Lil Herb]
My momma told me, baby, please stay off that corner
Yeah, it's crazy, she knew why the police stayed on that corner
Cause shorty'nem they was out there totin' them heats up on that corner
But shorty'nem out there they gon' blow for me, that's on that corner
You ain't for nothin' ova here, gotta keep a gun ova here, boy don't come ova here
Cause we got them drums ova here, let it drum ova here, you don't wanna hear
The drum in your ear
Fourty rounds, lay him down, told the bro'nem ain't for nun ova here
You don't wanna see the lights in your face, I ain't talking a parade walk
Talking real pipes in your face, lights flyin out the pipes when they spray
It's nice when they say, how they'll kill a nigga, 'till they gotta kill a nigga
Roll a dice, play it safe
War down on the block, pull one up on the Glock
Hit the lights, watch out for the jakes
Niggas plottin, know the streets watching mask up
Niggas gotta wacked if they a problem, fuck the opps if we spot'em then we got 'em
Please forgive me, Father!


[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Posted on normal don't need lawyers
Niggas know we finessing on normal
Old niggas was cool, but they informers
And I caught my first case, niggas pointed
Niggas snitch on our click and that's pointless
And I lost some niggas to that corner
Workin packs, I was hugging that corner
Jack boys tryna sneak on that corner
Hell, nah, we ain't going like that
Shootouts, every night we strapped
Police clear us up, we right back
Send shots, we send them right back
Rap heads takin pictures, don't lack
Instagram will get your life snatched
I know a lot of niggas died like that
I'm talking straight drop, no act
I don't drink I was posted by the liquor store
I move, on my life, they was missing though
And if you here, kiss the barrel like a mistletoe
R.I.P to them niggas that we're missing, though
Me and herb, one word, thats savage
Cleaner money, only reason niggas rapping
Don't rap, then it's right back to the trapping
On the corner, every night no lackin


[Verse 3: Lil Herb]
Know me, young nigga smoking weed
Where I'm at right there on that corner
100 Deep, real shit, 30 clips, and he cock it
Get flipped on that corner
Boy rock, kobe, pisces and sco
Can forget vito n chico
Real niggas from a long time ago
Died right on them corners
A lot of niggas, they'll join 'em
A lot of niggas start pointing
Me and Mac had to get it on the grind err'day, a lot of niggas had choices
Boy, I remember them nights
I started hearing them voices
Telling me to slow down, I ain't payin no attention
Couldn't stay off that corner
I wasn't in it for attention or a name
I ain't in it for the money or the fame
I ain't in it for myself, I ain't in it for my health bitch
I'm in it for my niggas we the gang
Hundred fifty no new niggas he a lame
Give his ass a little money he'll change
Fuck niggas gotta stay around me
If a nigga round me
Guaranteed that we the same

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