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Get Real Lyrics

G Herbo – Get Real Lyrics

Nigga get realll, you catch me in the the 745 ridin round on big wheels
Run up on me you'll get killed
Cuz my chain and my watch cost bandz
Keep it on me, Ion trust em, I do not got friends
Heater on me plus another, yea my Glock got twins
Bitches never leave my brothers, we the block, heaters pop
Fam think it's sweet well its not, he could stop
Ridin thru the streets, fuck the cops free Lil Joc
I ain't lying in the streets I be riding with the heat
Niggas smile in my face blow the 9 at his teeth
Ion roll with the snakes, but I ride with the beasts
Keep the O's in the safe and the iron in the streets
Tot the iron on my waist, off the loud and the lean
3-5 in the 8 I rewind with the beat
I might lean so hard close my eyes on my feet
Got yo bitch on her knees, open wide get a treat
No time to decide, open wide bitch it's free
That's the only thing free if you asking for me
Im the only nigga spendin 45 on the my suite
Walk around, park the 745 on the street
Bitches scream my name explodin inside for the D
And the gang we post on the 9 over east
Lil Herb, im the realest nigga
Ill deal it to ya fuck ya feelings nigga
If you throw it at me ima kill a nigga
You the witness nigga, let the witness feel it
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