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Rain 2 Lyrics

G Herbo – Rain 2 Lyrics

You know man I learned somethin'
That life is life regardless
You only get one
Good or bad
You just gotta make the best if it

[Verse 1]
I used to couldn't stand the rain
Now the storms it keep me sane like I'm immune to pain
I know shit never stays the same it always bound to change
I came from Essex hunnid deep to barely round the gang
I'm still the same no limit nigga I just found the lane
Now I'm the first born son my mama proud to say
And now she all smiles I had to take the frowns away
Used to be a wild child I had to calm down
My Grandma used to worry pray for me I'm grown now
Success leadership I gained it on my own wow
And now my Grandma gone they want me to be strong how
I might just loose it all you say somthin' to me wrong bow
Don't stare at me too long don't come through on my phone foul
I fuck around curse out the courtroom at my own trial
Like fuck the judge you never wanted to give me a chance
Don't wanna see me greet the people see me shaking hands
Don't want your kids watching my shit on MTV jams
So if I honour any honour nigga I'l be damned
I'm fighting' cases now the judge want me to go to school
I graduated from the street what I'm supposed to do
You don't understand my lifestyle what I'm goin' thru
Just think about if you was me and what if I was you
A nigga try and take my life ain't I'm supposed to shoot
If I stay in the hood will I grow up as old as you
When niggas raise they own sister gotta mold her too
You mother had a nose to smell their had a nose to toot
You feel me
I speak the truth I know that shit just make you want to kill me
But nigga this the real me
My labels want to deal me
But fuck that shit I hold off and make them labels feels me
See my vision I'm the business nigga couple mill me
Once I run up a milli
Thank the Lord I'm in my bag
Run up another milli
Oh thank you Lord I'm in my bag
Remember in school when it was cold outside
Me and lil sis we ain't had no cash
Couldn't take a bus we ain't had no pass
Moms at work we ain't had no ride
Now I might be in Bermuda on a beach house riding' scooters
I just might jump in the Bentley
I spent 20 thou and over
Nigga know I still be with them shooters
And the road ya I keep them on standby
Real street nigga I ain't never goin fold
Follow that code only thing I stand by
And I been on road like err' night
Doin' shows like err' night
Feel like a vampire miss a flight got a nigga on stand by
Born at midnight thats a red eye
Say I ain't on the grind you a damn liar
Remember 2012 I was in the van high
Ridin' wit a couple pf my guys
Couple of my niggas dead now
See a lot of my niggas disapear before my eyes
Couple of em in the feds now
If I kill a nigga dead would it make me the bad guy
And they actin' like I'm scared now
Don't think that you won't end up on the red eye
Still running' them hittaz now
I don't wanna relax
I don't wanna close my eyes
Last thing great Granny said is why
Start think' to my self will the tears come from my eyes
Granny please would you stay alive
Start praying' up to God tears running' down my eyes
Could you please help her stay alive
Right side of her body still parazlized
Now I really wanna scream wanna yell now
You ain't gotta keep fightin' I can't keep fighting
Go be with Mary we buried now
I can still hear voice for you all in my chest
I can still see the spirit all in the air now
There still be a lil part still left in my heart since you left I don't really care now
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