Hey this is Frankee
What's up?
I had a good time the other day
So, um, call me
You know the number

I don't need to be (be)
The one that walks around
Without a smile on my face; don't need a frown on my face
I don't care bout yesterday (day)
I Threw all my numbers away
Ever since you came to me; showed me the things I could not see

Baby now you're the one who understands
Out of all the guys I met
Baby you make me smile every time
You get close my emotions run away
How ya make me feel this way
I don't know but boy I think your've got me

I'm not beefin'
I'm not fussin'
I'm not stressing you
I'm just sayin'
That I'm open off of loving you
I'm not buggin'
It feels so good when I'm touchin' you
All I'm sayin', is I'm open off of loving you

[Verse 2:]
Well I never have to wait-wait for you to call
'cause all of the silly chicks you're used to
Can't come close to me at all
And there ain't never been a time
When you would not ride for me
'cause I'll be the one to wash your hair
Be everything you need



[Verse 3:]
I never thought that everyday could be a sunny day
But baby since you came into my world
I have something I can celebrate
Oh baby, I do

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How You Do Lyrics

Frankee – How You Do Lyrics

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