Don't be mad, 'cause I said your shit on fire
Don't be mad, 'cause your a fuckin' liar
Don't be scared, 'cause I broke the windows out ya car
Don't be mad, better be glad that I'm fuckin' with you

Never thought that I could be
Straight up mother f**ckin' crazy
Oh yeah, it's just like that
I'm that chick that'll get you back
If you fuck around, I'mma beat you down
I'mma do what I do best
If your with some chick, tryin' to pull a trick
I'mma cut you off like the rest

Ain't nothin like a girl in love (girl in love)
F**ckin 'round with a straight up fool
You see no, I'm not the one
I fuck chicks up for fun
And I'm still not gonna be mad at you
So don't..


[Verse 2:]
Listen up real good yeah boy
Don't try to play me like I'm some toy
Don't think that you got it like that
I'm in control, better watch your back
If you fuck around, I'm goin' to tear ya down
I'm goin fill your life with stress
If I catch a ho, comin through ya door
I'm a woop her ass like the rest



I'm the girl that will stay by your side
But fuck around and I will lose my mind
Don't you think I won't find out
You can't even go that route
Why would you wanna see...
See a pretty girl get ugly

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Don't Be Mad Lyrics

Frankee – Don't Be Mad Lyrics

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