(What up girl)
Na you know, he's askin a lot of questions like...
(Like what)
What's your name, Where you from?
(Word? Nu uh, that's wack)
I hadda tell'em like look...
(what you tell'em)
Stop askin so many questions, it's Frankee damn.

Now if you wanna know bout me I'm a bad girl
Like my guys the same sharing my world
I'm not afraid of things you would not believe
So you gotta come correct you wanna be with me
You gotta make me smile make happy
Do the things I like just to please me
If you don't really feel what I'm talking about
Don't even waste my time you can step right now

[Bridge 1]
'cause I know just what I want
Designer shoes that I can flaunt
It's not a crime to like nice things
You can't hate 'cause I do it for me

Uh huh, Uh huh I'm in love with me
Uh huh, Uh huh I'm in love with me
Ain't nothing else that I'd rather be
Uh huh, Uh huh I'm in love with me
Living in my real life fantasy
And it feels so good just loving me...

[Verse 2:]
Now I think you're crazy cool and it's all good
And I'm diggin' you; you're official
And I don't really need a relationship
Just wanna have my fun, got my life to live
So I'ma call you boy when I feel like
Understanding me makes it all right
'cause I'm feelin good let the sunlight shine
Don't piss me off maybe you'll be mine

[Bridge 2]
If it's something that I want
Got much appeal, I throw it on
It's not a crime to have nice things
You can't hate 'cause I get it for me


[Verse 3:]
And I always thought that pleased me, it feels good, so good
If ya down with me, no feelings that feels good, so good
Wake up everyday with a smile on my face
If it's raining, I know that I'll be ok
And nothin' in this world could ever take this feelin' away
'cause I, I, I'm

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In Love With Me Lyrics

Frankee – In Love With Me Lyrics

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