I heard my mother yelling
From inside the other room
She told me they were coming,
That was when we lost our roof.

We never even heard them fall,
Like hell was dropping to the ground.
They blew to pieces, all our walls
As the bombs fell - down.

Every day, you think could be your last.
Knowing there’s no place to run..
Every breath seems like a task,
One more breath and you are done.

They took my father from his family here,
Gave him a number and a gun.
He never made it to the battlefield,
He never even heard it come.

The only thing that’s worse than death alone,
Is the death that never came.
And now I’ve lost everything that I’ve known,
All I’m left with is my name.

Why the guns, and why the fighter planes?
Is it worth your flesh and blood?
The only thought that’s left inside my brain,
Has the door to heaven shut?

There’s no happy in this life.
No one smiles, no one laughs,
The soldiers pile in to fight.
But each breath they take could be their last.

All the blood and all the misery,
There’s no place left to hide.
I still remember all my family,
Every one of them that died.

I used to call this place home,
Right where I took my first steps.
Now a pile of dirt and stone,
I fear whatever’s coming next.

I hear far off the sirens call,
There’s more bombers flying in.
I look to God above to save us all,
Please just let this be the end.
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London's Longest Night Lyrics

FOXAL – London's Longest Night Lyrics