Man, you only rap about sex, drugs and money.
Like, how shallow are you bro?
I just don’t understand that attitude.
I just can’t relate.

Man, I got all these people telling me that I’m not like other rappers.
I’m perfectly OK with that.

It doesn’t matter, cuz you’re there and I’m here.
I’m lavish but you’re austere.
I’m coiled up, so don’t come near,
And I get better every year.

I age like a fine wine,
People like me we’re hard to find.
You think I’m just buying time?
Call me back when yo heads on right.

You still fake? Well okay!
You sit on twitter like all day.
Tweeting like”all guys are the same”,
That kinda ignorance must be so lame.

Girl you the most common denominator.
You got some ass but you got even more haters,
And you askin me if I’m free later,
So you must just love...elevators.

To get to your level I’m parachuting.
Stealin ya girl let’s call it looting.
You out there stressing I’m up in here coolin’,
We all know you’re fake who you think you foolin’?

Round-a-bout but I’m still turning,
All I spit are spoken word sermons.
Baptism, and the waters churning,
But here in Hell, we stay burning.

And I’m pent up like all day
Cause I gotta get my mind in a new state,
Been writing songs like it’s my fate,
And revealing myself, like lingerie.

You look like children, catching fades,
Swinging fists and pulling blades
You only fight the wars that you wage.
Why you so angry? I can’t relate.

Yeah you know that I can’t relate.
You say “Keep it Real” but you so fake!
Yeah you know that I can’t relate.
But this is the path that you chose to take.

The thing is,
You’re still there and I’m still here,
And by this time of next year,
I’ll be the name that you all hear
Still don’t get it? I’ll make it clear.

I’m a meltdown, you’re a single tear,
I’m the whole head, you’re just the ear.
I’m the universe, you’re the stratosphere.
You’re an anthill and I’m Mt. Rainier.

I just talk tough because it’s fun,
But guess what boy, I ain’t done.
Nah this shit is just begun,
You’re fighting wars that I already won.

We’re not the same, so don’t pretend
Your words leave off where mine begin,
Keep my style until the end,
If it catches on, let’s call it a trend.

I ain’t rich, and I’m unknown
But stop talking about money, I don’t like your tone.
Look me in the eyes when you talking to me,
Because you pay me respect, I don’t want your money.

I’m so down that I don’t know what’s up.
But I don’t drink so it’s an empty cup.
I sold my soul for a couple bucks,
But I stole it back from the devil’s clutch.

But for real though mans, just do you,
Cause uh, no one else wants to.
Shit, I ain’t mean to be rude.
But call me Abe, cause I speak the truth.

Yeah you know that I can’t relate.
You say “Keep it Real” but you so fake!
Yeah you know that I can’t relate.
But this is the path that you chose to take.

Yeah, see it’s okay to be unique.
If I wanted to be like you, I would be.
I’m still just doing me, and man,
I make it look easy.
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Can't Relate Lyrics

FOXAL – Can't Relate Lyrics