In the beginning, there was a vast darkness.
A space devoid of all.

A power held in reserve, left for the rise and for the fall.

Four words spoken with great authority,
And the darkness, gave way to light.

And it was in the beginning, that that power became self-evident.
The power to choose, the power to fight, the power to be.

Four words spoken with great authority…

Welcome to the show, let me take your coats.
My name is FOXAL and tonight i’ll be your host.
And if you’ll look out to your left,
You’ll see out your window,
The lovely glowing sunset on the coast.

And since you’re all here with me at the start,
I figured that I’d share with you my heart.
There’s some some sermons and some verses, but not the ones you’d hear
In churches,
But I assume that you're here because you’re smart.

You're gonna hear some things that may sound new,
But I encourage you to let it all sit and stew.
You may cry if you'd like, but if you shed a couple tears,
Make sure that you clean them off your shoes.

So sit back, relax and take it in.
Hell, We're barely even 2 minutes in.
Your memories may fade, but remember my name, and now, let the games begin.
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Genesis Lyrics

FOXAL – Genesis Lyrics