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The Play Lyrics

Fo-Play – The Play Lyrics

Reporting live from city of pta
Huh-Huh we play all-day
And you wondering what the name of the group is?
Let me tell you huhg-hugh excuse me up!
For Play...

[Verse: 1 Raidy]
Am addicted to fame rapping and y'all complain
And I be eating rappers cause I own the food chain
I beat 'em and recruit them I burn 'em all to flames
God damn am so amazing god damn I make it rain
Party all day all night my fans never that I am wrong then again it’s my life
Raidy just won flipping price got a new girl I won her while rolling up the dice
It's good life that living performing on stage hearing cheers it’s a feeling
Got high class am the velin
I get into the room see all hands up to the ceiling
Other rappers treat me like king you see it in my swag
I got hard cash money bag I got the whole city on my back
Chilling V. I. P I won’t even see you on the maths
Girl I am so digital if you never knew so unbeatable if you sue
Y'all can't even tell me issh I see you beautiful well I don’t wanna know
I got the baddest flow am stealing shows and I got my biggest wish
Raidy-Raidy you made it competition it faded and this is our world
Getting money they pay it (getting money they pay it getting money they pay it)

[Verse 2: Deep Drill]
It's double D getting in remedy put it down for my D's I am a self made man so I came with a pen
Dropping dope flows so I am Peter Pan I’ll be showing you that I can
Putting flows in a can cause my name is Peter Pan and I am fly like a rocket
Put her in my pocket and blast to the moon cause this is our honey moon romancing our love
You better watch and learn put it on my pen money for my fan I’ll be showing you that I can
I’ll be rocking it
Dissing it…
Teasing it
Looking for the shoe that fits
Let me grab your little tits see if my hand fits…. (Awww)

(Gadget verse: 3)
Look at me now, and recognize my face, it's for Play all in your face
The ladies love me, the guys hate me, they can't stop they can't stop I’m magnetic
I pray on Jesus still I’m a sinner, still bitter, rock the world the field leader
Rough Like a tiger, she’s my target on the sniper, coming like a viper
Wipe her tears with a wiper, take your pants off, and write your cell phones on
When I turn you on, we can all see the light, and then you call yourself my wife
And then when you realize me on top of you yet you like you the highest girl
And then when I stop that's when you fall, I didn't hold any one but they all felt
This is so fertile then felt sandy, now my exes listening they getting sadly

(Icy B verse 4)
Let’s go Big daddy Pimp
Look at me now and recognize my face it's for Play! Four pays
When I lift this Game I swear is gonna change, in for Play the is nothing less
We getting paper stacks full of oxygen *puhh* the power money the power...
Hip-Hop president Barak Obama, I am like mmm like Osama...
You found me here and you gon leave me here
I am on my way to be a thousanaire, millionaire, billionaire trillionaire...
It’s triple C big daddy pimp... Fake niggers I order you to go to sleep
Cause I don't wanna hear your talking it's f*fcken cheap
For Play Empire so many kings! We do our best cause we always win...
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