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Intro Lyrics

Fo-Play – Intro Lyrics

[Verse: 1 Raidy]
Congratulations to the foremen
Back when were recording making hits y'all ate our dust men
Better than you ben10s we blew up like we palm plants
We so through it now take a bow not you it
Tarzan now use it to describe our bands
Am speaking in tongue would you say is it Zulu, is it French
Y’all gon' dance in fact y'all will wet y'all pants
To be given another chance to making music and getting y'all fans
It’s the peak now shawdy welcome to the club
And if you see next time hala and say whassup
It’s our moment now we gon' take it from the top
Your favourite track it's gon' be the one that touches your heart

[Icy B verse 2]
I never slept for days call me icy B!
The top mogul producer y'all can hear "The Peak"
When we drop the tape another level is gonna break...
Loyalty! Ey that hommie made my niggers brave yeah,
You can deny all you want hommie
But you will never be the one to decide hommie
Cause you lyrically nothing!
Physically something that my dick ejaculates in.
Sell the tape online counting dollars when we check in
We played this game so fine now is time to tell you check mate...
Yeah it's for Play "The Peak" mix-tape I am arriving so early or am I late?
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