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Cantara Lyrics

Fo-Play – Cantara Lyrics

[Verse: 1 Raidy]
Listen nigga we just keep on rising you can't stop us now you can keep condomising
We can't tell you it’s a surprise for now another level coming soon cause we just surviving
What you on about? You ain't a talent scout we faster than your latest Ferrari
Praising god we did from the start ain't done a lot but his just throwing us a party
Now we were born to win
And that’s the biggest thing that other rappers trying to get but don't know how to swim!
See making it ain’t easy when you don't have a dream
Place our hearts in this doing everything like machines
Now am reaching some other levels that I’ve never seen doing better than before
Man we living our dreams never fake a smile once you see hatred within
You can't even swerve a curve imagining what could've been
Cold heart nigga I think you should go make way for me
Am doing what’s right now am telling you that’s my destiny
It ain't a fantasy now am just saying what we just meant be
It’s our lime light dreams changing so endlessly
If I could doing it yes I would do it I’d die for you
Never relaxing till I see my team just make it through
Yeah! Apologising to my mom am hoping I’ve been one hell of a good son

[Verse: 2 Gadgets]
Son of the Goddess, so son gotta be the hottest
Spitting high volts that will break in any kind of sockets
Y’all drop flows hence I drop hard solid
My mind HIV hence I'm invalid
Spitting cantata that elevate ancestors, uncles, brothers, Mother Nature, the forefathers
Like a furious angel I could never calm down
I'm hearing voices they telling me to fuck y'all
Dropping holy verse like tearing revelations down
I'm a vampire hence I'm breaking don, lungs and cords, while bitches busy blowing jobs
Pores and claws the only chance to get on the spot
Ripping the bosom I'm writing straight with the heart
Flow with the daggers and pouring blood on your guts
Pointing middle finger while they point me with guns

[Verse: 3 Deep Drill]
I am turning blue guess it’s the full moon
Bands are calling me guess the full moon just came soon
Can y’all hear the sound the sound that makes me hear the voice of the beast?
The beast keeps on telling me can I be Unleashed
In this planet earth and start a new path with a Psycho Path “like you oh Drilly”
I replied saying oh really Billy do you wanna do this really?
Yeah I want the people of earth to experience the blood bath now Drilly
Ok Billy how you gonna do that how you gonna do that...

[Verse: 4 ICY B]
ICY B let’s roll
A horse never run so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace with
No disrespecting Mr Mars but I am telling you we on the same track
You are chasing what I am chasing...
But that’s not the issue
Slow down enjoy life fast is fine accuracy is everything
We are fast approaching “The Peak” Another Level the stage of ultimate invasion!
We live fast to die young but capable of doing many things in a short period of time
Check it we bring havoc South African Army it's Fo Play all worldwide now
And we all gonna do it examine the Billboards just to see how we doing boy
We thank God on our daily basis
If it wasn’t of him we would never have made this...
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