Can't you see what's going on today
Everyone but us has their say
You can sing about murder, rape and drugs
But when it comes to white pride your voice is shunned
You can be proud to black and proud to be brown
But if you're white you're taught to feel down
This is the reason for our songs to instill a sense of
Pride that so many long

Parental Advisory we speak the truth
Explicit Lyrics of realistic views
Freedom of speech is hypocrisy

They try and censor our music nationally

It's thought control imprisonment of the mind
Force-fed bullshit facts and lies
"Free your mind" you hear on Mtv
And expand your thoughts with diversity
But your mind is not free if you're told what to think
Rather than expanding your mind starts to shrink
Mainstream or not my voice will be heard
And open up the eyes of the brainwashed blur
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We Speak The Truth Lyrics

Final War – We Speak The Truth Lyrics