Once again here we go, off to another skinhead show
To meet with our brothers from across the land from O. C.
To the fatherland
United together united as one to share good times and
Have some fun
We'll drink, we'll laugh, we'll have a ball bonded by
Blood we will never fall

Hail our brothers on the west coast from So. Cal to
Portland we propose a toast
Hail our brothers out on the East from Baltimore, Jersey
And D. C.
We salute our brothers out in Carolina and Jacksonville
Our southern alliance
Hail our brothers across the you. S. And all White American

Hail our brothers from across the sea from in Austria and
To our brothers in the north out in Finland to England,
Spain, and Switzerland
From land to land and sea to sea a brotherhood that will
Always be from Europe
To America united as one side by side, gun to gun
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Brotherhood Lyrics

Final War – Brotherhood Lyrics