We were born to rise again to follow the steps of The
Order men
Born to fight and born to win, we are all Orange County
We are the ones who live on the streets our voices loud
Never discreet
It's our battle and it's our war now we are stronger than

Oc... Skinheads

Steel capped boots, fisted hands a violent scene and some
Violent bands
Salute the flag fly it above, we'll fight for the country
That we love
Drink some beer and hit the town, find some commies and

Beat them down
Brotherhood we stand as one we fight together against

Oc... Skinheads

Yea we were born to rise again, we all hail the Order men
We've said it before let the battle begin victory is ours
You know we'll win
Baseball bats and switchblade knives, 9mm's and 45's
Shaven heads faces of hate better fuck off before it's
Too late

Oc... Skinheads
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Oc Skinhead Lyrics

Final War – Oc Skinhead Lyrics