[Chorus:]: Kitami Safiya
What makes you think that you can fuck with the Bandit
Act like you lost your mind get it wrapped in Bandage
Let me make it clear if you don't understand it
Be brave, you try
Go head, you'll die

[Verse:]: Vally'o
I'ma let you know just how this shit gon' go
You fuck around with bandit goons out guns blow
The last left the planet fam can't stand one seven O (170)
Don't you ever ever ever come around here no'mo
You fuck around with he and catch a round from me
We went from buddies to friends now we family tree
I go rasta on that ass and I spit like tree (3)
Smoke a loud leaf and breathe off a Tie Stick beat
Like really really keep arm distance silly
It's lacerations stab wounds and nine millys feel me
If you don't understand well fam here's a fair warning
Medical examiners families mourning
Wakes, funerals, cars forming
Lines that what you get if you fuck around with mines
We on the grind and this the first and last time
Blast that cannon for the bandit what the fuck
You lost your mind (Blaaat)


[Verse 2:]: Mark Will and Deli Tang
Fucking with my nigga Fet, I'll take it back to basics
A thousand ways to die give yo bitch ass a face lift
Face lift we get a the word it's on click boom
Police presence with you, we run in hospital rooms
Shit hit the fan the luger fits the bill
If we can get you, then your kids get killed
Let a G know we wild have yo bitch turning tricks
When ever fet need a nigga hit that six fo' six (Huhh)

Got the block jumping like a 6-4, for my nigga fetti
I'll kick in your door
For that chicken put your brains on the fucking floor
Brickstacks smurf mob
You know where we at even the youngings is strapped
Niggas lying we spit facts we make moves for the bandit
You haters can't stand it, pockets on fat off that white
Ralph cramsen exotic guns ain't jammin (Haaan)


[Verse 3:]: Fetti Cash
It's the wild raccoon, bandit in the room
Murder death kill don't get filled with the steal
Stabbed or beat with the bat, it's the bandit don't make me jump out
And attack you rats you heard my goonies
They all got my back even though they know I pop my own strap
They still wanna roll out and pop toast and mash potato for the bandit
Don't make me rock or do ya or hit you 45 times like the cops
Did to Imadu-la I'm orthodox... I'm orthodox
Who wanna pop and get they eye knocked out the socket
Face blown off forehead crack with the bat
Or straight split with the Axe so you better beware
When the bandit creep in all black, put you to sleep
Then fuck up your dreams like freddy did to lisa
It's primetime bitch

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The Bandit Lyrics

Fetti Cash – The Bandit Lyrics