Melt Down
(This message here
Will self destruct
After this lyrical content)

(Chorus 2x):
When you look in my eyes
You can see that I'm real
When you hear how I speak
Then you know what's the deal
I be "C" walking in a Blood Hood
"B" walking in a Cuz Hood

Stop hummer stunting yall don't really wanna take it there
Nah my nigga better yet bring shit here
Them gats will clap for you fake ass niggas
F will end your career if you touch him chips
Cause I work hard for you want
Cause I do what I do that's why I walk the way I walk
And I talk the way talk, so fuck you
Middle finger up to you and your crew
You don't like what I said you feeling smurfy then jump
Lets get it crunk, watch how I beat yo head in like a drum
Don't get yo face num you tweetly dum F stay worrying some
They see me on my arab-ee shit so they think I'm mad as shit
Cause I'm quick to burry some, yeah I heard the word
That these dudes wanna merk me and I should be scared nahhh
Yall should beware, watch your neck don't play with death
Cause your destination is final and that's just that fuckers

(Chorus 2x)

[Verse 2:]:
It's like the streets is stressing me, god is testing me
Every little step I take to get the papes
Is like another obstacle to pass, I thought I cut all the
Snakes in grass me F cash
One of the wickest out of the south bronx, I'm real serious
I flow heavy like them bitches periods
Me fetti is so mysterious I got'em all curious haters furious
Cause it's been over due since they heard something universal
F is reversible I can even spit it backwards at you
Hit you in your adams apple yeah yall know that it's been over due
Since they heard something universal F be spitting reversible verses
Got niggas furious real curious like, is he serious
I'm mysterious not even you and sherlock holmes can figure me out (owww)

(Chorus 4x)
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Melt Down Lyrics

Fetti Cash – Melt Down Lyrics