(Chorus 2x):
It's a shame yall don't got nothing better to do
Than to sit around talking about who popped who
It's a shame yall don't got nothing better to do
Than to sit around talking about who fucked who

(Verse): Shiz B Craz
A big mouth will make a soft ass all that talk gonna lead to a gun blast
In my hood getting coke you better think fast
All that he say shit nigga won't pass
White cracker niggas quick to put me on blast
Worry bout did I hit but get no ass
Type of nigga no girl bet he bust fast
Garbage niggas in my hood always talk trash
Funny dude yeah nigga need a good laugh
But I ain't playing yeah I'll make a nigga real mad
When I run up with the gun nigga no mask
Watch your mouth cause them words could be your *fucking last
Cause your boy get shady like aftermath
I get him washed up leave him in a blood bath
Before you talk shit find out the other half
Cause when you assume it only make you look bad

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2): Fetti Cash
I try to stay away from lame niggas that claim they was my main niggas
That's them same niggas that will set you up for a few dollars
Cause they really ain't about that dollar
F done took it to the streets even got it up in these mean streets
Where everybody talk like they can't die, cause they too high
Loud mouths get erased so clap clap clappidy clap, clap clap clap boom
I ain't about playing no games my soldier done told ya
We spit flames we spit fire we don't sit around talking bout who got popped
Or who got fucked we talk about who getting that gwap
I'm Fetti Cash been ready always been about racking I mean
Stacking it up, haters act like I give two fucks
I'm about big bucks if yall ain't about that

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 3): Vally'O
I pull up in that new V, jump out in that pelle leather
Some show the love some envy the good fella
If you knew better then got damn you'd do better
Stead of sitting around get your groove back like you stella
Homie get your cake up then yo weight up
When you flip that bird pass that chicken to jake up
Vvs cut and always keep that thing cut
True diamond in the rough cause the bronx remain buck
Wilding and styling they hawking they be dialing
They be texting pillow talking homies heard it on the island
Word get around like Pac, how fams doing time and telling me
Who got popped on the block, it's no joke
They even know who I poked
He even know about that bitch the other night
With the deep throat
It could be old or new don't talk about me, talk about you
It's a shame

(Chorus 2x)
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Its A Shame Lyrics

Fetti Cash – Its A Shame Lyrics