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Work Lyrics

FBG Duck – Work Lyrics

I don't want no autotune. Nope. Fuck all that shit, this how they want me to [indecipherable]. Woo! Fuck all that shit. Fuck it! This what they want me to do. Turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up!

Niggas say that we don't hit, I'mma hit 'em where it hurt
Since you like taking pics, I'mma put you on a shirt
Since you wanna take a ride, I'mma put you in a hearse
Since you always tired, I'mma put you in the dirt
I tried school, it ain't work, I tried to hoop, it ain't work
I knew the job shit wouldn't work
Then the rob shit would really work
I had a rusty revolver, pin broke on it, it ain't really work
But a nigga still let me rob him, thank God that it worked

[Verse 1]
Pussy boy, you a goofy
You let me rob you with a broke gun
All this money and no guns
You deserve to have no funds
Pussy boy, you a lame
You can't hang with the gang
They know we started the gang
They know we started to bang [?]
They know we started the "Woo!"
On the line, I got proof
Keep the sauce, I got juice
I'm hurting they feelins nigga, ooh!
I'm balling hard like a Rucker
If she bad, I'mma fuck her
Hell naw, won't love her
I'mma pass her to my brother
Free Wooski, he'll shoot
I swear my boy act a fool
Niggas hating, bumping heads with me (Loose Screw!)
He make it do what it do
Niggas steady dissing Tooka
I think it's time to be rude
They say I'm reaking, what's that smell on me?
That's that Backwood full of Nu


[Verse 2]
We gonna do the shit that y'all do
I seen your Tweets so I called you
You was talking a whole lot of jibber-jabber
Look, ain't trying to argue (Pussy!)
We ain't playing nigga, y'all'll see
Heard "Tooka Gang," ya tried to call me
We don't give a fuck if y'all deep
Pop a flat now you with Baldy
The shit I say be hurting their heart
Pray for them, "Oh my God"
Times hard, but I'm calm
Dutch filled with Sherrod
I made this song out the mud
Cause we got it out the mud
I think about the dirt I did
But shit, that's just what it was
On the S with some killers (Saint Lawrence!)
Free my niggas, free my niggas
We ride but we don't see them niggas
When we catch 'em, leave them niggas
Niggas know they really bitches
I could put that on the set
Like fuck the mansions and the ex
We gonna pull up where ya at (Money!)

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